Internship hunting and interview preparation takes a lot of practice and a whole lot of luck. While it is easy to feel discouraged when you receive rejection after rejection, it is keep your head high regardless and to continue pushing onward.

Who am I?

My name is Jia Hao. I am a computer science undergraduate from the National University of Singapore.
Before May 2023, I was a technical interviewing newbie. Although I had years of experience developing software, I was barely able to solve easy problems. This is because interviewing requires a completely different set of skills. While I was very fortunate to have still landed an internship for summer 2023, I realized that my interviewing skills were lacking and that spurred me to start taking interview preparation seriously.
I devised methods of studying, combining hundreds of resources to develop a strong foundation in many aspects of technical interviews. Thankfully, my effort paid off and I was able to land two internship offers from large companies (one HFT and one big tech) for summer 2024.
I am creating this guide to consolidate my learning and to share this learning with others. I hope that this guide can help accompany you on your own technical interviewing journey and that you are able to land the internship/job of your dreams.

Using this guide

I will not be covering fundamental concepts like how arrays work as those are assumed knowledge
I recommend tackling each topic one at a time and focusing on understanding the concepts behind each question you solve. You can find the list of questions and study plan under Study Plan.
Once you have felt like you have mastered the fundamentals, feel free to move on to working on problem lists like Neetcode and Grind75.
This guide is not all powerful and you will not become a technical interview expert in two weeks. It is important that you start your preparations early. I have included my timeline for securing my internships for summer 2024: Summer 2024 Timeline.

Contact me

If you wish to contribute to this guide, have found errors in my notes, or have questions about this guide or for me, please drop me an email at [email protected].
If you have used this guide to land yourself an internship or just enjoyed reading it, feel free to drop me an email as well, I would love to learn how others are using this guide!


The basis of this guide is inspired by the Tech Interview Handbook written by Yangshun. I started my journey using that guide and have combined it with many other resources to create this guide. I highly recommend giving it a read as it covers many aspects of interviewing that I did not cover.