Optimizing Revision

Tracking your progress

The best way to revise these questions is to take notes for each question. You can use software like Excel sheets to track basic details about each question or slightly more complex tools like Notion to track more details about the problems.

Regardless of what tool you are using, you should focus on jotting down the key intuition behind each question and the topics/ideas you used to arrive at the solution.

My method

I use a Notion database to track every question, breaking down my understanding into the following components:

  1. Intuition: how the optimal solution can be understood by the layman

  2. Optimizations/Notes: additional notes/tricks to optimize the solution

  3. Alternatives: alternative solutions; usually I refer to the solutions section of LeetCode

  4. Remarks: any remarks to future you as you are referring back to this list

Revision strategy

When revising questions, you should prioritize the problems you wanted to redo or the ones that you tapped out first. Additionally, if the original solution was very intuitive for you, you can also try solving the problem using one of the alternatives to expand your repertoire of techniques.

Refer to the FAQs for more information about common questions I had when starting out.

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