Summer 2024 Timeline

My biggest success factor is having started the process early.

Being able to submit your applications early, and receive and solve online assessments quickly are crucial in increasing your success rate as that means you are in more companies' pipelines.

I understand that some of you may not receive your offers as early as I did. Do not be discouraged and continue pushing forward, you will eventually receive good news!

This was my timeline for my summer 2024 internship hunt:

  • Start of May 2023: sourcing for problems and figuring out my weaknesses when it comes to interviewing

  • May 2023 to mid June 2023: working on my fundamentals by completing questions by topic

  • Mid Jun 2023 to Jul 2023: working on other problems to expand my exposure and speed

  • Jul 2023 to Oct 2023: start applying for roles in Singapore, US, and UK

  • Aug 2023 to Nov 2023: started interviewing and received my offers

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